My family has now lived in Wyoming for over a year. I’ve come to realize that the Cowboy State has changed me. That’s right. I’m a brand new man.

Before I get ahead of myself, I must disclose that I’m not entirely new. I don’t want my wife to get her hopes up. But, Wyoming has changed my way of thinking about several things. Here are some that I have noticed the most.

1. Any time it’s above 30 degrees, I consider that “warm”

It’s true. I noticed this on Monday. In the morning, it was -8 at the airport. Later that day, it was in the low 30’s. I decided not to wear my coat to pick up my kids after school because it was now...ahem...warm. You did that, Wyoming. The fact that I think of 34 as warm is completely on you.

2. Any wind less than hurricane strength I now consider a gentle breeze

Before I set my roots down in Wyoming, I felt like a 20 mph wind was...well...windy. Now, that doesn’t even tickle my ears. I see the “high wind warning” on the sign on Outer Drive and I just laugh and take it as a challenge.

3. I am now an outspoken advocate for the 2nd Amendment

My wife has noticed that I am now more vocal in my support for the 2nd Amendment protecting the right to bear arms. This is a little strange considering that I have never owned a gun. Let me say that again. I have never owned a gun yet I find myself getting loud any time I hear someone start spouting off about gun control. Weird.

4. I now regularly say “Just LeDoux It”

I can’t explain it. It just happens. Wife wants to know if I’m ready for dinner. “Just LeDoux It” I say. Should she cut my hair? “Just LeDoux It”. It doesn’t matter what I’m asked, that phrase always sounds right to me. Thank you, Chris and Ned for this one.

5. When I get my hair cut, I tell them to make me look like Branch on Longmire

I know it’s a big request, but any questions about how I want my hair cut always ends up with me referencing a Longmire character. Specifically, I’d like to look like Branch prior to season 3. My wife has made that request also, but  she’s not thinking of hair styles I don’t think. Wonder what she’s talking about?

Truth is I absolutely love everything about life in the 307. People are friendly. They tell it like it is. They have made it feel like home. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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