Here's a throwback for you. Are you old enough to remember the old Casper Amoco Refinery in Casper? There's a rare video of the facility that was taken back in 1991.

It's no secret that Casper has a rich history in the oil industry dating back over a century. The Amoco refinery was a fixture in the area until it closed in 1991, according to They recall that the location was previously known as the Standard Oil Refinery until it was renamed by Amoco in 1985.

The Billings Gazette documented some specific dates in the history of the old Amoco refinery. According to their report, Amoco announced the closing of the site on October 3 of 1991 and ended production on December 13 of 1991. That would place this video in 1991 near the very end of its existence in Casper.

This is the only public video I've been able to locate of the Amoco refinery which makes it a rare part of Casper's rich oil history.

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