I hate RATTLESNAKES!!  I'm not afraid of most snakes, boas, pythons, bull snakes, etc are actually fun to be around and to touch and hold.  But when it comes to rattlesnakes, I run the other direction!  But what if you can't run away, say because you're on a boat??

Several times I've been out on the water at Boysen, Glendo, Pathfinder, Seminoe and even Hawk Springs reservoirs and seen snakes swimming across the lake.  I've even had them come straight up to my boat.  But that's as close as I let them get, before I move away and give them space.

A family in California was enjoying a day on the lake when they noticed a snake and started recording it swimming as it made its way to the boat.  But the laughing turned to panic as the snake tries to come aboard.

The driver of the boat did the correct thing in firing up the boat engine and tying to drive away and not engage the snake. To often people try to move the snake with their fishing net or a stick or a fishing pole.  But experts suggest giving rattle snakes a wide berth in order to avoid any kind of altercation between you and the snake.

Some folks might not be aware that rattlesnakes can swim, but yes they can!  They often cross open water in search of food, a mate or to find shelter.  So a snake on the water is curious and is searching... so they want to know what opportunities might be concealed on or in any type of watercraft.

If you see a snake, give it room to pass on by.  If it comes toward your boat or watercraft, just leave the area for a minute so the snake can continue on its journey and come back once the snake has left.  If it does come into your boat, try to get it out of the boat as quickly and safely as you can with out angering the snake a fishing net can come in handy but you want work quickly and keep your distance.


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