There is a report that you will notice something different when you go to the Casper Walmart starting in late April. The company has announced they will be discontinuing the door greeter position.

According to, the company sent a note to all stores in late February announcing that there will no longer be door greeters. Here's part of what the full press release stated:

Recently we made some decisions along these lines as we changed the position of People Greeter to Customer Host, a role that requires a different skill set, such as handling customer refunds, scanning receipts, and checking shopping carts.

This new change caused many to be concerned about workers that can only do this job due to disabilities. Walmart President and CEO, Greg Foran addressed this concern:

With that in mind, for associates with disabilities impacted by the changes to the Greeter position, we have extended the current 60-day transition period while we explore the circumstances and potential accommodations that will make sense for each person.

Let me be clear: If any associate in this unique situation wants to continue working at Walmart, we should make every effort to make that happen.

I reached out to one of our local Casper locations and the store manager explained that they couldn't comment on the new initiative, but directed me to the press release I've shared.

I also asked the question how this would affect the controversial checking of store receipts at the door. It appears that duty will fall to the new Customer Host. The job description does include "scanning receipts and checking shopping carts", according to the press release.

Read the full Walmart CEO statement for more details on the changes that are coming.

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