There are unconfirmed reports coming out of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park that one of the alpha females of the Wapiti Wolf Pack has died.

I first saw this report on Buckrail. They shared a story about wolves making an appearance in Grand Teton National Park. In that story, they originally shared details of a tour guide who reported that a park ranger had told them that an alpha female from the Wapiti Wolf Pack had died. An editor's note now mentions that they're waiting on the park to confirm the report before making it a part of the story again.

I follow the progress of the Wapiti Wolf Pack on Yellowstone Wolf and they also have not confirmed the passing of one of the alpha females. As the tour guide in the video above mentions, wolves crossing roads in the park are one of the main threats to the pack that aren't part of the natural ecosystem.

The pack has been seen more recently seeming a bit more chaotic which added more weight to the theory that the pack may be in disarray if the alpha has indeed been lost.

As of now, this is an anecdotal story. But, the Life's So Wild Tour group is a reputable one so any report from one of their guides is worth passing along while we wait for confirmation.

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