Champions in 18 divisions were crowned in the 23rd Annual Casper Youth Basketball Tournament on Sunday, March 17, 2013. The tournament, hosted by the City of Casper Recreation Division, attracted 179 teams from Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah and Colorado. Complete results are available at The following teamswere crowned Champions in their respective divisions.

  4th Grade Boys Orange

 Champions:  Gillette Beastly Ballerz

Runner-Up:  Team Hook’em

3rd place:  Cheyenne TBirds

Consolation: Casper Sharp Shooters


4th Grade Boys Green

 Champions:  Gillette Jays

Runner-Up:  Rawlins Basketball

3rd place:  Sheridan Swish

Consolation:  Worland Armour


5th Grade Boys Orange


Champions: Windsor Wizards

Runner-Up:  Sheridan Ballerz

3rd Place:  Casper Power Service TBirds

Consolation: Rock Springs Tiger Tribe Black


5th Grade Boys Green

 Champions: Worland Silvertips

Runner-Up:  Douglas Phantoms

3rd Place:  Rawlins Basketball

Consolation:  Torrington Trailblazers


6th Grade Boys Orange

 Champions:  Sheridan Shooters

Runner-Up: Rock Springs Tiger Tribe Black

3rd Place: Power Service TBirds

Consolation:  Torrington Thunder


6th Grade Boys Green

 Champions:  Lakewood Rebels

Runner-Up: Green River Wolfpack

3rd Place:  Riverton

Consolation:  Douglas


6th Grade Boys White

 Champions:  Farson

Runner-Up: Glenrock Rebels

3rd Place:  Rozet Mustangs

Consolation:  Pinedale


7th Grade Boys Orange

Champions: Team Hook’em

Runner-Up: Gtown

3rd Place:  Raiders 1

Consolation: Rapid City Heat

7th Grade Boys Green

 Champions: Sheridan Rampage

Runner-Up: Casper TBirds

3rd Place:  Upton

Consolation: Green River Wolfpack


8th Grade Boys Orange

Champions:  Riverton

Runner-Up: Sky High

3rd Place:  Team Hook’em

Consolation: Pine Bluffs

8th Grade Boys Green

 Champions: Casper Swish

Runner-Up: Casper Heat

3rd Place:  Crush Basketball

Consolation:  Rock Springs Tiger Tribe Black


4th Grade Girls

 Champions:  Gillette Dynamite Purple

Runner-Up: Douglas Mini Cowgirls

3rd place:  Gillette Dynamite White

Consolation: Sheridan Bulldogs

5th Grade Girls

Champions: Casper Motion

Runner-Up:  Douglas Dynamite

3rd Place:  Sheridan Tailbusters

Consolation: Green River Lady Wolfpack

Super Consolation: Cheyenne Sky


6th Grade Girls Orange

Champions:  Gillette Dominators

Runner-Up:  Jr. Lady Wizards

3rd Place: Blaze

Consolation: Douglas Defenders


6th Grade Girls Green

Champions:  Chadron

Runner-Up:  Pine Bluffs

3rd Place: Rawlins Lady Outlaws

Consolation: Green River Lady Wolfpack


7th Grade Girls

Champions:  Wyoming Shooters

Runner-Up: Gillette Fillies

3rd Place:  Jr. Lady Wizards Gold

Consolation:  Sheridan Lady Broncs



8th Grade Girls Orange

 Champions:  Hill City Thunder

Runner-Up: Hemingford

3rd Place:  Rapid City Hoopsters

Consolation:  Casper Mountain Ballerz


8th Grade Girls Green


Champions:  Buffalo Bison

Runner-Up:  Ft. Washakie Lady Eagles

3rd Place:  Lady Tigers Ballerz

Consolation:  Riverton Falcons