There's a new retro video that gives you a chance to travel over 64 years into the past and see what Casper looked like back in 1956.

This look at the distant past comes courtesy of Travel Wyoming. It's a dad describing his family's trip to Wyoming in 1956.

The trip covers virtually ever part of our state, but around the 22 minute mark, it shows "the modern city of Casper". Modern as in what we looked like back in 1956. Here's a snapshot of what Casper looked like back in that time.

Travel Wyoming via YouTube
Travel Wyoming via YouTube

Other highlights include the full-service gas stations from back in the 1950's. Watching these guys who dressed like Fonzie in Happy Days run around, fill the car with gas and clean the windows is a trip.

I love the fact that Travel Wyoming has been periodically sharing throwback videos like this from  their archives that show how they used to convince tourists to vacation here more than a half century ago. Casper sure looked a lot different back then. Sigh.

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