If you're old enough, you remember what Casper used to be like back in the 1960's. If not, you really need to check out this retro video which documents what Casper life was like over 50 years ago.

Periscope Films shared this classic video on YouTube and it's crazy cool. I'm not sure why I am so entertained by 1960's video. Part of it has to be the cheesy music that is almost always a part of videos like this. The stereotypical 1960's announcer doesn't hurt either.

Here are some highlights from this retro video:

The Casper part begins around the 9:18 mark. It shows what downtown used to look like back in the 60's. The cars of that era will make you misty-eyed if you're an automotive fan.

If you can spare the time, I recommend watching the entire video. It's Wyoming from a way different era that needs to be remembered.

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