Earlier today, I got a message on my cellphone informing me that the IRS had issued a warrant for my arrest due to unpaid taxes.  I knew it was fake, because the IRS will never call, they will only send you letters in the mail.  So I decided to expose this scam and the call them back.  The result was hilarious - to me anyway.

The number the scammers called from was a Nebraska number - (402) 217-8081 / and that was probably a redirected call to appear local.

Listen to the call and how I was threatened, even though he had NO IDEA who was calling.

Always protect your personal information - Social Security number, credit card numbers, cellphone and other info that people can use to access your personal data.

From the IRS Website: "The first notice you will receive from the IRS will be a letter that explains the balance due and demands payment in full. It will include the amount of the tax, plus any penalties and interest accrued on your unpaid balance from the date the tax was due."

Click Here for more info on IRS and their collection procedures.

No one will ever call, threaten you, or make demands for money or personal information.  Always remember to protect your private info.  Even your cellphone number can be used by scammers to charge your bill if you're not careful.