There's been a recent rumor making the rounds in Casper that Daylight Donuts on Talon Drive is closing. As it turns out, that rumor is not true.

It's hard to tell exactly where this rumor started, but I know there was a comment (or maybe comments) on Casper Business Rants and Raves Facebook page that claimed the Daylight Donuts location on Talon Drive was closing. Nope.

I stopped by the Talon Drive location and management told me that they are NOT closing. They confirmed that they had heard the rumor, too, but didn't know where it originated. The Daylight Donuts location at 932 E 2nd Street did close, but not the one on Talon Drive.

If I had to guess, I imagine that someone told someone else about Daylight Donuts on 2nd Street closing, then as that news got passed around someone got the location wrong. That's how rumors go sometimes.

The management of Daylight Donuts on Talon Drive told me that if they ever do decide to close their doors, they'll make an official announcement. As of now, the donuts are still being made and sold.

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