What we've long suspected has been proven true. Wyoming accents are sexier than Colorado accents because science says so.

Big 7 Travel surveyed over 1.5 million members of their audience and asked them which accents they find the sexiest. That's a lot of travelers. What they found is that people discerned 50 distinct American accents. The results are intriguing to say the least.

Colorado comes in at #38. Big 7 mentions that fact that they tend to drop the "T" when they say mountains. Not sexy, Colorado.

But, where is Wyoming? You might notice there is no "Wyoming" on their list. We're there under the "Western" accent coming in as the 28th sexiest accent in America. They claim that we tend to make all of our vowels sound the same here. Dang straight. I like to think of us as more of the Clint Eastwood type around here. Maybe like we're all extras in the movie "Unforgiven".

I hate to break this to you, but there's another accent that ranks higher than Wyoming or Colorado. It's...the Californians at #10.

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