There's an old saying that a happy wife means a happy life. Science can now back that up as true.

Michigan State University shared a study by Wiley Online Library that shows you can enjoy a longer life if you make your partner happy. The title of the study is...

The association between actor/partner optimism and cognitive functioning among older couples

In layman's terms, that means you make your partner happy, you live longer and happier. The study's conclusion is not hard to understand.

Participants' own optimism and their partner's optimism were both positively associated with cognitive functioning in older adulthood.

I will admit that I did have to Google "cognitive". Then, I learned it involved reading and understood why it was a foreign term to me. Ahem.

This conclusion also agrees with a story done by the Huffington Post 6 years ago. That was based on a completely different scientific study that asked husbands and wives their satisfaction levels with their marriage. Get this. If a wife's satisfaction with her marriage was high, it positively affected the husband's score. But, the reverse wasn't true. If a husband's satisfaction level was low, it did not affect the wife's score. Hilarious.

If you're a lady, now you have all the ammo you need to prove that your husband needs to be good to you...or else.

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