Many people have believed this for a long time, but science now confirms that your dog can tell if someone is a bad person.

The website Good (appropriate name, huh?) just shared details of a study that goes back several years proving once and for all that dogs can detect when a person is not trustworthy.

According to the study, the science people who are way smarter than me (meaning: everyone) directed a group of dogs to an object that had hidden food in it. They did this twice. The third time they had someone direct the dogs to an object that did not have food in it. What they learned is that the dogs learned to not trust the person directing them to the object with no food in it.

If you have someone new in your life and you’re wondering whether they are trustworthy, let your dog help you decide. Science has now declared their instincts are trustworthy when it comes to deciding if someone isn’t legit.

Like I said...SCIENCE.

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