You might think this story to be an urban legend. But it happened back in 1991 near Green River Wyoming.

Robert Lindsey, 32, of Green River was fishing. He was at Flaming Gorge Reservoir south of Green River last July when he dived from his boat to help a friend’s daughter who had fallen into the water.

IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH, DO NOT READ THIS NEXT LINE: The boat went over him and the propeller cut off his thumb, index, and middle finger. You read it, didn't you?

If you need a moment I understand. The rest of the story is just as freaky yet almost not as gross... ALMOST!

Gross, face, Nasty, yuck, yucky,

Well, the good news is that the two other fingers were found and reattached. All he was missing was his thumb.

After a short while, he kinda got used to life without a thumb, only to have that thumb turn up again like in some plot from a bad horror movie.

More than six months later, on Feb. 13, a fisherman hooked the trout and the thumb was found in the fish’s stomach.

Told you this got really FREAKY! Hold on - it gets WORSE!

Kevin Cass, Getty Images
Kevin Cass, Getty Images

At this point the thumb is dead. So, it was taken to the Sweetwater County Coroner Mike Vase.

Lindsey said he called the coroner’s office after hearing about the find. “At first the Coroner didn’t believe me,” Lindsey said. “As soon as I saw it, I was pretty sure it was mine,” he added.

I have to ask if I took off your thumb and then showed it to you six months later, would you recognize it? Do you know your thumbs that well?

ANYWAY, it was confirmed that the digit belonged to Robert. The thumb was given back to its owner.

Now, I have to ask you, would you have taken it back? What would you do with it?


Personally, I'd keep it in a jar and use it for hitchhiking. Just hold the jar up as a car passes and point to the thumb.I suck as hitchhiking.

“I’ll probably just put it on a shelf to show people,” Lindsey said. “I’ll probably keep it in a jar.”

YUP! Might as well make a trophy out of it. He'll be telling this story for the rest of his life and he has the thumb to prove it.

Some of you reading this right now might think that this story is not true. AH, but it is true.  It was even covered on the west coast in the Los Angeles Times and on the east coast in the New York Times.

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