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#1 - 35 Year Old Apology
#2 - Getting His Goat
#3 - Smack and Cheese

35 Year Old Apology

It's never too late to say, "I'm sorry" – and now one man has lifted a huge burden off his shoulders.

In the late 1970s, 18-year-old Michael Goodman wanted to prove to his buddies that he was tough by mugging another teenager on the steps of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Goodman spotted Claude Soffel, reached into his pocket, and swiped his bus pass. However, cops saw what he'd done and cuffed him. He was eventually sentenced to three weeks of community service.

But it wasn't over for him. Goodman says he spent the rest of his life feeling horrible about what he had done, and now, thanks to Facebook, he can finally put it behind him. While reading comments about a New York bagel shop on a Facebook page, he noticed the name Claude Soffel and posted an apology to him the comments section. He wrote, "You may not remember this, but a long, long time ago I walked up the steps of [the museum] one afternoon, trying to look like a tough guy and saw you standing there at the top of the steps. I walked up to you and mugged you for your bus pass." He adds, "Finally I can say I'm very sorry that you had to go through that crap that day long ago.”

Soffel later accepted his apology saying, "Clearly you’re a 'bigger man' today. Memory is a funny thing. I recognize your name now as well. Any man who draws a line for himself [and says], ‘Today I step forward for myself, my family, and humanity’ is a hero to me. So let us now, jointly, put this in its proper place, behind us.”

Goodman tells the New York Post that a very large weight has been lifted off his shoulders. (NY Post)


Getting His Goat

A Kenyan man got some ba-a-a-a-ad news when he was sentenced to ten years in prison for getting busy with a goat – after a trial in which the animal testified against him.

A witness grew suspicious when he saw clothing hanging from a tree and followed the trail to a clearing where he saw Kitsao Gona putting the moves on the poor animal. He notified the goat's owner, who grabbed Gona and took him to police, who charged him with indecency and remanded him for trial.

The town's veterinarian testified there was evidence of injury to the goat, who appeared in court as a witness for the prosecution – convincing the judge to hand down the stiff sentence. (Daily Mirror)


Smack and Cheese

A South Carolina man didn't use his noodle and ended up in handcuffs after assaulting his dad in an argument over the proper way to use boxed macaroni and cheese.

Alex Rossi allegedly attacked his dad after the older man blew up at him for opening the packaged meals and using the cheese powder while leaving the dry pasta behind. The sheriff's office report said Brian Rossi told his son to stop the cheesy behavior, which led to an argument that soon turned physical.

According to cops, Alex wrestled Brian to the ground and pummeled him, giving him a black eye and a facial laceration. He was jailed on charges of misdemeanor assault and battery. (UPI)


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