As you've heard by now, and have seen, two rounds of snow will be filling up Wyoming this week. We may even get a tad more than that.

True, some of Wyoming will be getting more than other parts of the state, but so what? It's time for a snow day!

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For those in southern states, a snow day is declared when the mayor of the town sees a few flakes falling from the sky. The stuff doesn't need to gather, or stick, just fall.

In states like Wyoming, a snow day is declared when the mayor's truck gets burred and he can't remember where he parked it.

This weeks one-two punch of snow will not be that bad, but I don't care. I think we all need a couple of days off. Who's with me?

As a radio talk host, I do not have the authority to officially declare a snow day. But I don't care. I'm calling it. Who's in?

You now have my permission to call the school and tell them your kids can't make it in due to snow. Then, call your boss and tell him you're not going to be able to make it.

When you are asked why not just tell them that you heard the guy on that radio station announce it.

At some point, I'm sure the Mayor of your Wyoming town will get involved. "Why is nobody showing up for work?" he will wonder. "I found my truck, it's all good." Again, just tell him that guy on the radio said it- so, it must be true.

If enough of Wyoming calls in then I'm sure the governor will have a few questions. Don't worry, he knows me. He's on my program all the time. Once he hears why everybody is staying home for the next few days he will probably take some time off himself.

Yes, I said a few days.  I don't know about you but I'm thinking this is looking pretty bad. Just to be on the safe side, let's all stay home until next Monday.

You're welcome.

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