It's about time someone did this. There's a new recording that someone has shared of 30 minutes of Wyoming wind to help you go to sleep.

Here's how the maker of this video described what you're about to hear:

Beautiful relaxing music for stress relief…Relaxing sounds for sleep The Wyoming winds sleep video is over 30 minutes talking, just the relaxing natural sounds of the winds blowing thru the aspen trees of Wyoming Calming relaxing wind sounds to fall asleep fast

I know you're probably never heard Wyoming wind before, so brace yourself. Yes, that's sarcasm.

Yes, I'm laughing at this since we get Wyoming wind here 24 hours out of every day, but there is some science at work here. Sleep Foundation explains why white noise (and Wyoming wind sounds) can help you sleep. The concept is that white noise like this reduces the difference between sounds that might wake you up and this mundane constant sound. Healthline says that Wyoming wind is actually pink noise. White noise is more of an electronic static. There's also black and brown noise. Who knew?

We also shared the theory that Wyoming wind is great for pets including a video to prove it.

This reminds me of the comedian who was trying to sell jars of Wyoming wind last year. Maybe he can add this sleep helper to his store.

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