If you're a great fisherman, it's hard to not show it off. There's a brand new video of a bear that is so proud of her catch that she walked across the road in front of everyone with it. Oh, and she's a way better fisherman than you.

This bear is named "Nicky", a 21-year-old black bear and she has caught one whopper of a fish.

Here's how the person who captured the video described it:

Nicky was showing off her Catch of the Day Fish. People were amazed and surprised to see Nicky with a big salmon in her mouth when she came out from the bushes. She got the big fish from the Steep Creek and was taking it across the road in the trail to share with her cub.

By the way, one of my favorite web cams in the world is the Brooks Falls cam in Katmai National Park. Bears fish for salmon there all day long.

We always say that the world needs more cowboys. That's true. I believe we could also use a few more videos of proud bear fisherman, too.

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