Even though it's still snowing (sigh) it IS officially Springtime in Wyoming!

For many of us, that means it's time for branding. If you've never had a chance to participate in a branding party you probably don't realize how fun they are.

Everyone gets involved, including the kids, and it's often a family tradition. From rounding up cows, sorting mama's and babies and of course, castrating and tagging calves it's a full day. Laughter, mud, and perhaps a few sore shoulders and knees are typical of these branding parties.

This video from Sharpens Best gives you an up-close look at these typical Wyoming gatherings.

Livestock Branding in Wyoming. A family event and a learning process as these cows, bulls, and calves get branded and testicles removed the Wyoming way.

It made me laugh to hear them naming the calves. Based on the names they gave them I'm guessing that just like us, they won't have any trouble eating them later.

I haven't helped out with a branding for a few years, but watching this video has me texting a few of our neighbors to see if they need help.

That's another thing about branding in Wyoming, it's a great way to get neighbors and friends together.

You'll probably agree with me that the best part of a branding party is the good old fashioned nut fry and cold beverage after the work is done!

Did this bring back memories for you?

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