There are times when the age old system of trading goods and services comes in handy for cash-strapped young lads in desperate need of a something they cannot afford otherwise.

But not always.

Earlier this week in South Carolina's Spartanburg County, sheriff’s deputies arrested a former convenience store clerk for allegedly trading ice cream for drugs.

According to the police report, Timothy Oren Jones was charged with breach of trust for the second time since August, after a store camera captured him accepting illegal narcotics and another man walking out of the store with approximately $34 worth of ice cream.

Jones was arrested on Tuesday and taken to the Spartanburg County Detention Center where he was released on $2,000 bond.

So, what about the guy who made out with all of the ice cream? Deputies say Edward Duane Burris was charged with petit larceny.

However, it does not appear that either man was brought up on narcotics possession charges. Perhaps, Spartanburg County deputies like narcotics and ice cream as well.

And perhaps Jones should blame his bone-headed actions on brain freeze.