It's funny how you're told things as you grow up and just accept them as fact. This is a great example. The claim that men can read maps better than women isn't true after all based on a new study.

I found this on Study Finds. It's based on a story at from an experiment completed late last year. Here's the title:

Investigating sex differences, cognitive effort, strategy, and performance on a computerised version of the mental rotations test via eye tracking

Say what? To put this in layman's terms (for people with simple minds like me), there is an ability called mental rotation. According to Wikipedia, it's the ability for the human mind to handle 2D and 3D images within the human mind. Yes, just like trying to read and understand a map.

Is it true that men really can do mental rotation better than women? According to the story, nope. Here's the funny thing about the test and what they learned. The men initially did appear to have an advantage over women, but that advantage eventually disappeared over time. Let me guess that this proves that the male attention span is less than women. That would make perfect sense.

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