My dad used to tell me if I wanted to find a good woman, I needed to get a haircut and get a real job. A new study says that he wasn't far from the truth.

I saw this new article on Bright Side. Their story is based on a Harvard study that says the strength of a marriage is directly tied to the success of a husband's job. I tried to read the actual Harvard study, but only understood around five words since they're Harvard scholars and I'm not. But, I did learn some basic marriage dynamics that this study uncovered.

  • Men with part-time or no jobs are most likely to get divorced
  • Women with no jobs are not as likely to affect divorce outcomes
  • Having a good job improves your chances of success when dating

Here's one quote from the Harvard study which is key and actually quite simple when you think about it:

Conceptually, divorce occurs when at least
one partner believes she will be better off
divorced than remaining married

Yes, if you think you're gonna be better off not married, then you will be. Duh.

If you're a guy and need inspiration to get a good career, here you go. Love and a successful married could be your reward if this study is correct.

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