If you fancy yourself a horse rancher and/or admire Mel Gibson, I have found the perfect property for you. It's Mel's former Beartooth Ranch located just north of the Wyoming border.

Hall and Hall shared this video overview of the ranch that Mel Gibson used to live on.

The realtor's website has some more juicy details on Mel's former stomping grounds. Here are some highlights from their listing:

Located just south of Columbus, Montana in between Billings and Bozeman

  • 12,350+ deeded acres
  • 2 homes, plus shops, barns and trails
  • Trophy elk and trout on adjacent land
  • Supports up to 1,000 working animals

The crazy part is this ranch is currently available. Note that you'll have to have a lot of zeroes in your bank account (on the left side of the decimal point) as the current asking price is $29.8 million dollars. The good news is it's completely free to watch the video or stare at the beautiful pics.

Even if Mel Gibson wasn't a previous owner, this ranch would be worth every penny. But, the fact that you could possibly be considered a Lethal Weapon if you bought it makes it extra worth the while.

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