If you haven’t heard, the Wells Fargo tower might come down this spring. Its fate is unknown at this time. It is a possibility that Casper will lose one of its “7 Wonders.” The other day the sign was removed leaving the egg shaped frame. Originally the tower had a clock and thermometer. In the past years, it has only been used as a billboard for the bank.

As part of the 7 Wonders of Casper goes, if you stand just beneath the center of the tower, look up, and spin around in circles, it gives the appearance that you are in a giant eggbeater. It is true. It also makes you dizzy.

I decided to go out and record this “eggbeater” in action. The location is easy enough to find. I grabbed my phone and took the shot. Now you can enjoy this wonder without the people leaving the bank looking at you like you are crazy. Thankfully, I am well aware that I am crazy.

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