It's been a fixture in Casper since it was put up as a time and temperature display back in 1968. But what happens to it next is still yet to be decided.

The 177 foot tower known affectionately as the 'Wells Fargo' Tower, has stood over the city for the past 48 years and it's in desperate need of repair and might be brought down all together?  But according to K2 Radio News, discussions are still on going as to what the city should do next with the tower.

With the plans still being discussed with regards to the fate of Casper's tower we thought of a few ideas that might help those in charge possibly re-purpose the tower.

Many ideas were tossed around, but we thought a few of these could easily be built with just a little effort and would certainly help to boost tourism for the city of Casper.

Here are our top 5 ideas to repurpose the tower:


  • Observatory

    Townsquare Media/Thinkstock

    Turn it into an observatory for visitors to town in 2017 for the upcoming Solar Eclipse.

  • Amusement Ride

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    Turn it into a giant swing or a 'tower of terror' style amusement ride.  This could be fashioned after the ride atop the Stratosphere hotel and casino in Las Vegas.  With powerful magnets catapulting riders up above the city and allowing them to free fall back to earth.

  • Bungee Jumping?

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    Build a platform on the top for local thrill seekers for bungee jumping!

  • Restaurant or Night Club

    Build a restaurant or night club at the top of the structure with a glass elevator to escort patrons to the top.  Sure to be a big attraction to visitors from all over!

  • World's Largest Wind Sock

    Townsquare Media

    Turn that tower into the Worlds Largest Wind Sock!   People would stop and take photos for sure!