When living in an area for a while, you tend to forget about the wonderful sites and sounds the area offers.

Take Casper for instance, there have been MANY bloggers, vloggers, reporters and adventure seekers that have taken the time to visit and experience the 7 Wonders Of Casper, Wyoming!

Having only lived here for a short amount of time, finding all of these hidden gems has been kind of like an Easter Egg hunt. An Easter Egg hunt that I didn't even know I was going on until I started getting suggestions from Casper and Wyoming natives.

I had never heard of gravity hill (one of the interesting 7 Wonders Of Casper) until Instagram user @307_dari offered to show me where it is. That is when the research began. After a quick Google Search, there are known Gravity Hills all over the world, but only 1 in Wyoming. With a name like Gravity Hill, it sounds like a ride you would find at Yellowstone Park Zipline or Disney World...but NO, you don't have to drive across the country or even the state to get to CASPER'S Gravity Hill.

Just taking a quick drive toward Casper Mountain and near the entrance to Rotary Park (Garden Creek Road, Wikipedia lists the coordinates:  42°46′25.4″N 106°19′58.70″Wthat's where you'll find this bizarre stretch of road that many have taken video while coasting...in reverse, but going forward...wild, right?  After asking many people about Gravity Hill, the reaction is mixed. Some say there is no way they will do the cruise experience because it make them feel woozy and others jump at the chance whenever they can.

If you drive around Casper for any amount of time, you'll quickly realize there may be more than just 7 Wonders of Casper, but if you're looking for a starting point of exploration, you're set! May be a great thing to do if you're looking to entertain the kids this summer.

Visit Casper has the list of 7 and where you can see them and many have documented the experience on video.

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