This is one of the things I both love and hate about the internet. When someone finds something that entertains them, they share it like it's new again just like that fun time when cars got caught in a Yellowstone bison stampede.

The reason I both love and hate that the internet does this is people act like it's brand new when it's not. The fact is this bison stampede that nearly trampled the cars in their way happened back in 2018. It was just shared like it was new on Reddit a few days ago. This is the original video from a couple years back.

This became something that started trending all over again on places like Digg because it's so compelling to watch wildlife rule the roads and put cars in their rightful place down the food chain.

There was an incident involving bison running through traffic in Yellowstone that did result in vehicles getting damaged as NBC News reported on last summer.

Bye bye, rental car. It was nice knowing you.

While it does sometimes grind my gears that people share old stuff and act like it's new, I eventually come to a place where I also enjoy seeing these moments again when I often forget how cool they were in the first place. I guess I'm saying I can't make up my dang mind.

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