There's a new video that someone shared of bison walking down one of the main roads in Yellowstone. It reminded me how much I enjoy seeing wildlife take back ownership of the park during the winter months.

The video above was taken on December 15 according to the YouTube description. That person makes time to drive through the park and share encounters with the animals they see.

The fact that most of the main roads through Yellowstone are closed to regular traffic during winter is one of the reasons many people consider this the best time of the year to actually be there, especially if you're a Wyoming local that wants to get away from the distractions of tourists.

Yellowstone National Park actually encourages the winter activities in the park as they shared in this video.

The bison seem to sense that there are less humans and vehicles to dodge and can frequently be seen wandering down the road as the driver in the video above noted.

One bonus of checking out Yellowstone in the winter is the geysers take on a new level of awesome when they erupt during the cold weather months.

If you decide to adventure in Yellowstone during the cold months, make sure you check travel conditions since the road between Mammoth Hot Springs and the northeast entrance is the only one open year-round. It's worth it as there's no time better in Yellowstone than when the animals don't have to dodge millions of outsiders.

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