Two artists who aren’t necessarily country singers, but are competing on Blake Shelton’s team, took the stage on Monday night (Oct. 17) as part of the epic battle rounds on Season 22 of The Voice. Their round, which saw them going head-to-head in hopes to keep their place in the competition, happened near the end of the two-hour episode.

Bodie and Jaeden Luke dueled it out on a cover of Justin Bieber’s “As Long as You Love Me.” Before hitting the stage, they had received some pointers from their coach and guest advisor Jimmie Allen. Luckily, though, neither Bodie nor Luke needed too much preparation, as both have grown familiar with playing instruments and have previous experience singing in front of live audiences. In fact, Allen was surprised that Shelton paired the two of them together, calling the battle round a next-level, Grammy-type performance.

For their battle round, Bodie and Luke reimagined the Bieber song to fit their respective vocals. Luke offered up his eyebrow-raising falsetto, while Bodie shone with a few impressive vocal runs throughout his parts of the song. The singers also showcased their flawless harmonies on the tune, turning the song into a stunning lullaby for the audience to latch onto. Their take on the ballad also earned plenty of “wows” from the panel of judges.

“Guys, that was good,” Camila Cabello applauded both singers. “Jaeden, your tone is so beautiful. I want to hear it on a record. I think you as an artist, as the whole package, you’re special. And Bodie, you’re even better than I remember in your blind audition. Your runs were crazy, and your belts were masterful. You were flawless!”

“I was blown away by that performance,” Gwen Stefani added. “It showed both of your depths as artists. I got lost in it! Bodie, your style is gorgeous. You have so much range, power and tenderness. It’s everything you want to hear in a vocal. You got a four-chair-turn, and we were all fighting for you, but this is next level than what I thought you were. Jaeden, what I loved about you besides your voice is you. Even though Bodie was killing it, I was staring at you most of the time because I love your voice.”

“Well, I loved it too. Jaeden, if I were to pick between the tones I would listen to, I think I’d pick yours more. It’s got character, grit and depth, and that haunting floaty vibe at the same time. You’re like Superman, and you can do anything with that voice,” Legend said. “But sometimes your execution isn’t all the way there. Bodie, your voice is so strong and powerful. It’s got character and presence. I thought your execution was perfect.”

Shelton also gave his thoughts before determining the winner of the battle. He said he was surprised by Luke’s performance.

“I didn’t expect you to step up,” he said. “You have that, almost like that Chris Isaak "Wicked Game" type of thing about your approach to this song. Bodie, he goes full-voice and hits it with all the power. It’s really impressive. Your voice is crazy. You found a way to make it work together, and everybody is super excited about it.”

Forced to choose only one of the hopefuls to stay on his team, Shelton then selected Bodie as the winner of the battle. However, it wasn’t the end of the road for Luke. Both Camila and Gwen hit their red buttons to save him from elimination. Ultimately, Luke chose to continue his journey on Team Cabello. The Voice returns Tuesday (Oct. 18) night on NBC.

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