As a self-proclaimed Wyoming history nerd buff, I like to think I know a fair bit about our state.

I knew that Glenrock was named after "The Rock In The Glen" but I had NO idea that it actually had several other names before Glenrock was officially chosen.

Which I'm thankful for...because "Mercedes, Wyoming" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

"Nuttle, Wyoming" IS a pretty fun name, but what would we have picked for our school mascot?

It was shortly after the railroad depot was built that the town of Glenrock, Wyoming was officially named.

You can learn more by watching this quick video created by Wyoming PBS.

Did you know that Mormon Canyon was named after Brigham Young and his followers who stopped and fished at Deer Creek?

I also didn't know about the long history of the Higgin's Hotel, or that John Higgins gave his money to the University of Wyoming because he didn't have any children.

Deer Creek Station was a major stop along the Oregon Trail, and there are more known graves along the trail in Converse County than any other spot across the nation.

We like to say that the Wyoming wind weeds out the weak ones, but looking at some of the pictures of Glenrock as it used to be, reminds me how sturdy Glenrock's first residents were.

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