We are closing in on the last few weeks of Summer and many of us are trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible.

When I came across this video on Lane Frost Brand's Instagram I knew I had to share it with you.

With a little bit of investigative journalism, I tracked down the video's origins on @Trevor_Schultz22 TikTok account.

I contacted Trevor and asked him to fill me in on how this hilarious video was created.

Trevor's family owns a feedlot in Nebraska and one morning as he was driving around checking the pens, he came across this Heifer that seemed to be dead.

Like any modern-day rancher, Trevor grabbed his phone and filmed her as he tried to wake her up...

Tell me the truth, how many times did you watch that?!

The timing couldn't be more perfect...and I think we've all felt like her after a Summer weekend spent trying to soak up all the fun in the sun you can.

Frankly, I can also relate to Trevor.

After all, we all have that ONE friend who likes to party just a bit TOO much...

If you have any pics or videos of your animals doing funny things we'd love to see them.

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