This Wyoming Stock Dog is a Champion, and if you watch this video you can see why.

"Frank" is almost five years old and he and his trainer Wendy are perfectly in sync. His winning time was 25 seconds faster than the second place dog.

Here in Wyoming, we can appreciate a good stock dog for what it is, a vital helpmate.

We can also appreciate the fact that "Frank" won $10,000 for his owner.

I grew up watching the movie "Babe"  about the famous sheep herding pig and have always been fascinated with working dogs.

We currently own a Blue Heeler. This is a breed that is often used as a working cow dog here in Wyoming. He's my husband's hunting partner and responds to whistle commands and does all sorts of completely "entertainment value only" tricks. My favorite is that he sneezes on command.

Watching Frank made me wonder if it was time to up my dog training game so I did a bit of digging.

This short and sweet article gives you some basic advice on how to pick the right dog and recommends a 4-H dog training class.

I found this very intensive article, and if you are serious about having a stock dog, this is the one you want.

This Wheatland Wyoming Rancher has phenomenal dogs, just watch this video of three of his dogs getting a herd of cattle loaded up into a stock trailer.

While I was thoroughly impressed and inspired by these articles, I've decided I am way too lazy busy to put this kind of dedication into training our dogs.

Which made me all the more impressed with "Frank".

He and his handler definitely deserved to win this one.

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