We are fortunate to have a lot of hot springs options in the western part of the country. Fortunately, you don't have to drive far as one of Wyoming's own was just named a top 5 hot springs destination in the west.

I've already professed my love for Sunset Magazine. When it comes to western culture, they have been one of the most respected voices for a long time. They've just nailed down what they believe are the 5 best places to go if you have a hot springs itch to scratch.

They called out Granite Falls Hot Springs south of Jackson as one of the best of the west. It's not exactly in our backyard, but if a 5 hour drive doesn't scare you, it's an option.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The good news is you can avoid downtown Jackson proper to get there. It's off the beaten path, but apparently an epic hot springs to soak in.

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