She's been a part of country music longer than many of us have been alive and she's one of the most well know women in the world.

Dolly Parton

Dolly built an empire and is a truly the most inspirational, business savvy, talented and down to earth woman. She does great things for so many, including kids across the world.

Over the years she's had great success in music, film and tv, but one of her biggest achievements is her Imagination Library.

The Imagination Library began because her dad didn't know how to read or write. So, in 1995 she launched the Imagination Library in the Tennessee County where she was born, to help inspire kids to read.

Fast forward to 2022, and according to the Imagination Library website, there have been over 190 million books given to kids all over the world. Kids around the U.S., Canada, Ireland, UK and Australia receive books from the Library.

Now, thanks to the Natrona County Library and a grant from the Natrona Collective Health Trust, kids under 5 in Natrona County can benefit from Dolly's dream.

Thanks to the grant received, the $25 fee per child is being covered and the program will cost nothing for families.

Natrona Collective Health CEO, Meredith Benton, said after seeing the impact the program made where she lived in Tennessee, the organization got behind the push to bring the program here.

There are about 500 kids in Natrona County registered now. If you'd like to get your kids involved, it's simple. Follow this link to the Natrona County Library section of the Imagination Library website and get started today.

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