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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Bang, Bang... You're Wet!
#2 - She Shopped, Then Dropped
#3 - Tire Irony

Bang, Bang... You're Wet!

A man in Northern Ireland wound up handcuffed and questioned after he took dead aim and fired at a police cruiser... with a water pistol.

Phillip Deazley and some friends were driving around playing with the children's toys when he squirted the car, which was actually parked at the time. He said about 10 people were involved in the water sports, but he was the only one stopped and slapped with a fine of about $130 for disorderly conduct, which he is fighting.

"It wasn't dangerous and the windows were fully up," he said of the police vehicle. "I'll go to court if it comes to that." (UPI)


She Shopped, Then Dropped

An woman in Israel made herself at home at a local Ikea by stumbling in, puking and falling asleep on a queen-sized bed.

The woman, who was described as extremely intoxicated, hurled on a couch before kicking off her shoes and pulling the covers off the bed in order to get comfy. She quickly began a nap, uninterrupted by workers who decided to leave her undisturbed until closing time.

Ikea issued a statement saying, "She felt unwell when she arrived at the store, and our people therefore permitted her to rest until she felt better. We wish her the best of health." (USA Today)


Tire Irony

An Arizona man will be spinning his wheels behind bars after he got the bright idea to slash the tires of a police car – while the cop was sitting behind the wheel watching him.

Ashton Powers calmly walked up to the cruiser in the wee hours of the morning and pulled out a knife to cut into the tire. The officer inside says that he heard the hissing of air escaping and saw Powers calmly walking away.

A police spokesman says, "I don't know what this guy was thinking. It's a fully marked police car, the car was running, the officer was inside with the air conditioning on and you could hear the car running."

Powers has been charged with one count of criminal damage. (Huffington Post)