While millennials are leaving the cowboy state, many seniors are choosing to move and retire here for multiple reasons.

Low Taxes, Number of Doctors per capita along with Recreational opportunities, are just a couple of the factor among what is driving seniors to choose Wyoming as their place to enjoy their golden years.  But which towns are best for those wanting to retire in Wyoming?

According to Smartasset.com, they ranked Wyoming towns on three major factors that seniors are looking for including tax-friendliness, medical care and social life.

According to their statistics, here are the ten best cities in which to retire in Wyoming.

10 - Douglas, WY - Low Taxes and lots of Recreation

9 - Torrington, WY - A bit warmer than other parts of the state with good outdoor opportunities.

8 - Sheridan, WY - Plenty of Doctors and Recreation centers.

7 - Casper, WY - Centrally located to Recreation opportunities with lots of health care access.

6 - Riverton, WY - Great conveniences for Seniors, with a good number of Doctors per capita.

5 - Worland, WY - Plenty of Doctors, Recreation opportunities and low taxes.

4 - Powell, WY - Extremely low tax rates, plenty of Doctors and large number of seniors.

3 - Jackson, WY - Higher Taxes compared to the rest of the state, but the largest number of Doctors per capita in Wyoming. Along with tons of recreation opportunities.

2 - Lander, WY - Second largest number of Doctors per capita along with good recreation and large number of senior residents.

1 - Cody, WY - Lowest Tax rate, second biggest community for recreation opportunities, along with above an average number of doctors per capita.

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