Wyoming made Thrillist's list of “Coolest end of summer things to do across America” with them suggesting folks “Ride horses through the Wyoming frontier.” Although horse riding may sound stereotypical, they do make a solid argument for trotting along the Cowboy State.

Thrillist mentions that Wyoming has excellent scenery to lose oneself.

Try a dude ranch like CM Ranch in Dubois, Wyomining.  Its been around since 1927 offering trail rides, rustic cabin lodging, fishing, pack trips and swimming in glacial lakes. The family dining is top-notch and real-life cowboys croon Willie Nelson by the campfire.

We don’t recommend one thing Thrillist wrote, “get up close to a herd of bighorn sheep.” If you’d like, however, you can make “bourbon-tinted half-memories while stargazing on the porch with new comrades.”

Thrillist reminds the traveler that Wyoming still has some rural areas that are not covered by cell towers.

“Good luck finding a cell tower in the Shoshone National Forest,” Thrillist says. Yes, there's a reason the Dubois town slogan is, "Remote Yet Remarkable."

This story was clearly written for city slicker tourists rather than Cowboy State residents, but it is kind of fun to see, “Donning a Stetson and cheesing with your steed may have to wait until you touch down back at JFK.” (You know that a New York airport, right?)

To try out camping elsewhere in America, as if anyone in Wyoming sees the need for that, see reservation possibilities here, or here.