It's no secret that Wyoming driving can be an adventure. That's one of the reasons we love asking Trooper Gray questions. He also answered some driving questions that you shared with us about distracted driving, high profile vehicles and who decides when Wyoming interstates get closed.

On our Facebook page, we asked you what questions you would like to have answered. Rose wanted a clarification about who makes the call to close Wyoming interstates.

Trooper Gray: "It's either the troopers out on the road or the maintenance folks at WYDOT. Either one can decide based on road conditions, crashes, visibility...those kinds of things".

Wyo Salem asked about what constitutes a light and/or high profile vehicle.

Trooper Gray: "...High profile vehicles are the wind sails on the road if you will...the big box vans, the semis that are light and empty...even house trailers that are pulled by regular pickups".

We also asked about some specifics about distracted driving. For example, is it OK to browse Facebook or anything else on your phone while driving?

Trooper Gray: "Reading or writing...essentially reading or texting information via an electronic device".

Winter driving in Wyoming adds another level of difficulty and Trooper Gray recommends that you keep a shovel, cold weather clothing, water and to make sure your phone is charged before hitting the roads during inclement weather months.

If you have additional questions you'd like Trooper Gray to answer, leave them in the comments or message us through our app and we'll ask him next time he pays us a visit in studio.

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