Before Cowboy Troy was a voice on one of the finest and most rewarding radio stations in Casper, he was simply Troy Runyan Pierre Frankford Scott--an aspiring small-town actor with dreams of winning an academy award.  Well, those dreams now appear to be sunk...but it's okay.

I am very excited to be part of a large group of highly-skilled and hungry actors that will attempt to recreate the joy, hardship, ambitions, dreams, and finally...the sorrow of the 2,223 passengers who were on board the RMS Titanic's disastrous maiden voyage--a voyage which would result in her sinking into the frigid north Atlantic waters in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912.  The sinking would claim the lives of 1,517 of those passengers, in one of the largest peacetime maritime accidents that the world has ever known.

The Casper College Department of Theatre and Dance is proud to announce that this year's annual summer production will be Titanic The Musical.  Before going any further, just know that this show is not based on the James Cameron movie, and there will be no mention made of  "Jack" and "Rose."

Titanic The Musical, written by Maury Yeston (lyrics and music) and Peter Stone (book) opened on Broadway in 1997.  It would run for 804 performances, including 26 preview performances, and garner 5 Tony Awards before closing in 1999.  The reason for the play, as described by one of the authors:

"What drew me to the project was the positive aspects of what the ship represented – 1) humankind's striving after great artistic works and similar technological feats, despite the possibility of tragic failure, and 2) the dreams of the passengers on board: 3rd Class, to immigrate to America for a better life; 2nd Class, to live a leisured lifestyle in imitation of the upper classes; 1st Class, to maintain their privileged positions forever. The collision with the iceberg dashed all of these dreams simultaneously, and the subsequent transformation of character of the passengers and crew had, it seemed to me, the potential for great emotional and musical expression onstage."[1] (Wikipedia)

  • ^ Kalfatovic, Mary. "Maury Yeston", Contemporary Musicians (ed. Luann Brennan). Vol. 22, Gale Group, Inc., 1998

  • Now, back to Casper.  We've just wrapped up our third week of rehearsals, and things are going 'swimmingly' well.  The cast as well as the singing are both phenomenal.  Not being a huge fan of musicals in the first place, I was skeptical to get involved.  That would have been a mistake.  Under the astute and passionate direction of Douglas Garland with expert assistance and choreography by Jodi Youmans-Jones, and a killer set design from former Casper College instructor Ken George, this is going to be a real treat for both eyes and ears.  Plus I love all of the history and stories surrounding the Titanic's legacy.  I really couldn't resist.

    I play Edgar Beane, (based on real-life Titanic passenger Edward Beane) a 2nd Class'er travelling with my wife, Alice (based on real-life passenger Ethel Beane)--who dreams of living the life of the entitled 1st Class.  It makes for a very engaging and conflicted storyline.  Wifey and I even get to share a song together.

    I'm having a blast!  My vocal chords are strengthening.   My quads, ankles, and buttocks are tightening.  I'm also getting to do something that I consider to be one of my better talents, and that is to act.  Whether it is or not, I'll let you be the judge.  Titanic The Musical plays July 13th-16th, 20th-23rd, and 27th-31st in the Gertrude Krampert Theatre of Casper College.  The performance Sunday, July 31st is a 2:00 PM matinée.

    More reports to follow.  Stay tuned.  It's going to be an amazing ride.