For those of us that live here, driving in the Wyoming wind is just a normal day. If you're an over-the-road truck driver, it can be a daunting experience as a new video shows.

This trucker didn't share his name, but he did include a recent video of his travels across our state.

There are so many visuals that this truck driver is having to compute. Not only do you have the wind, but combined with the snow visibility is maybe 30 yards. You have to be able to watch the changing traffic lights of other vehicles and hope those around you don't make an unanticipated move.

Trucking Truth shared a very interesting chart showing what kind of wind is dangerous for trailers. You can see that a constant wind of 70 mph is a red warning that should always be avoided if you have the choice.

Fortunately this guy's travels seem to have ended safely, but his video is another visual reminder of why we keep the semi-trucks and trailers in our thoughts and prayers especially this time of year when our winds are at their most intense.

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