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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - A True Junkyard Car
#2 - High School Intruders Study Anatomy
#3 - Turtle Whacked!

A True Junkyard Car

If you've ever wanted to own an exotic car but just don't have the scratch, here's an idea - make one out of scrap!

Chinese farmer Jian Wang made his dream of owning a Lamborghini come true, all by himself. Using an old Volkswagen as a base, he built the sports car out of scrap metal. The car lacks a luxury interior, and it needs a paint job, but it otherwise looks like the real thing. The cost? Less than $10,000.

Unfortunately, Chinese authorities wouldn't license the car for the road, so Jian is stuck using it to put down fertilizer around his farm. (


High School Intruders Study Anatomy

A Florida couple gave new meaning to the phrase "sex education" by breaking into a high school in order to make whoopee inside.

The no-class twosome of Vincent Ewell and Lindsay Longbottom were busted after setting off an alarm with their x-rated shenanigans – and Ewell's decision to break open a vending machine to battle a bad case of what he called "the beer munchies."

An officer responding to the scene found the pair trying to make a getaway in Ewell's car and took them into custody. They said they needed to use the school for their rendezvous because they needed a place where they wouldn't be spotted by Longbottom's boyfriend. (WFTV)


Turtle Whacked!

A Chinese man lost in his attempt to play a shell game with customs officials by trying to smuggle his turtle onto a flight by disguising it as a fast-food hamburger.

The man, identified only as "Mr. Li," was trying to board a plane in Guangdong with the critter tucked into a bun that was to have held a burger from a nearby KFC location. When an official noticed what was described as "an odd protrusion," he went in for a closer look, only to have Li nervously insist, “There’s nothing special to see inside.”

When a closer look revealed the turtle's presence, Li cracked and agreed to leave the critter with a friend while he traveled. (UPI)