Hey y'all!  A couple of weeks ago, i had this insane idea that took root and just wouldn't "leave" me alone.  You may remember that I showed you what I believed to be Casper's most unique tree--the Leaning Tree of Casper located in Washington Park.  I then challenged you to share your pictures to see if I was barking up the wrong...well, you see where I'm going with this.

It's taken a little while but I've discovered another one.  Take a look.

Without going into too much detail, (i.e not wanting to be held liable for any supposed intrusion upon third party property for which the author might have law enforcement thrust upon him) I shot this magnificent picture in central Casper.

From what I gather, including scattered cones--this is another pine.  You might notice that not being a licensed botanist, horticulturist or something similar--any tree, besides a cottonwood, that isn't clearly labeled--is a pine.

This pine has obviously led an interesting life.  Instead of resembling a triangle, like most pines; this one seems to look more like a pole.  It grows out, then in, then slanty, then up, with more of a bulbous top.  I like it!

And the hunt continues...
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