“If he torches Iowa, the hype train will really ... gather steam.” That’s an NFL.com writer on Wyoming Cowboy QB Josh Allen.

Pokes fans already know Allen is a gunslinger. Because we live here, though, we're not sure how well the rest of the country knows Josh just yet. Well, in the scouting world of the NFL they know the name for sure. They may still need convincing Josh is going to be a great one, but he is on their radars – blipping louder all the time.

Josh is one of the reasons the next draft is already called a great class of quarterbacks.

There are a few big schools on the Cowboy schedule this year. UW’s first game is not a home opener, September 2 AT Iowa.

The country will continue to learn more about Allen of Wyoming. 7 of 12 games this season will be on national television.

This video is a nice new breakdown from NFL.com.


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