As a mother of 5 active children, I have a home covered in rocks.

I don't mean my actual home, I just mean almost every surface of my home.

Anywhere we go, my kids are bound to find a rock and put it in their pocket.

From hiking on Casper mountain to hanging out on the shore of Lake Michigan, my kids have collected rocks from all over the United States.

They often give the rocks to me as a gift, and since I know there is a time when I will miss receiving these special gifts, I save most of them.

We have a special decorative bowl full of rocks and shells from all over the world. It has become a family tradition to pick our favorite rock (or shell) from our vacations and add it to the bowl.

All of the rocks that are collected on local adventures go into a special planter box so that the kids can see that I value their gift.

Often when we find a cool-looking rock, my kids ask, "What kind of rock is this?" and I always have to answer with "I don't know."

Thanks to science class, my older kids have been able to step in and offer some help identifying rocks over the years, but our knowledge is still woefully inadequate.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found an app that can identify rocks for you.

It's called "Rock Identifier" and can be downloaded onto any smartphone.

I tested it out with my kids, and while I don't know for sure how accurate it is (see above comment about not knowing anything about rocks) I was able to use it on a few rocks I knew for sure what they were, and it was accurate.

And, of course, we spent a whole lot of quality time gathering up our old rocks to see what kinds we had collected over the years.

Overall I give this app five stars, though perhaps a geologist would be a better person to ask.

The App is free for the first week and then is $29.99 a year.

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