The possible eruption (someday) of the super-volcano in Yellowstone is almost laughable for those of us that live here. Sure, it could happen someday, but in our lifetime? Probably not. But, if you've ever wondered what that event might look like, there's a new computer simulation of this terrifying event.

According to the video description, this simulation took 2 weeks to develop. It uses a PC particle physics system that can simulate just about anything. In this case, it's the big ball of magma which just so happens to exist in our backyard.

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For some background information, you can see all the things the Unity engine can do on the official website. It's impressive.

What would our day be like if Yellowstone blew someday? THIS.

This simulation is based on a lot of hypothetical numbers which may or not be reality if our favorite super-volcano were to have a very bad day. Back in reality, do we really have to fear this? In our lifetime, probably not.

A few months ago, we caught up with Mike Poland, the volcanologist in charge of Yellowstone. He mentioned that if an event like this were about to happen, we'd see incredible uplift of the ground in the park and much more significant earthquakes than we see now. The hundreds of tiny quakes we see every month in the park now would suddenly become thousands.

Still, this is a fascinating simulation to watch happen. Let's just hope it remains a simulation and not an in-your-face reality someday soon.

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