In Wyoming, we see plenty of bison, thank you very much. But, there's a new video that shows a rare tender moment between a bison mom and her calf.

This video is more than just bison. Someone took a trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons last spring. It shows many iconic sights around the park including the famous falls and even the Grand Tetons.

The part that caught my eye was about 31 seconds in when you can see bison settling down in a meadow.

My wife got a pretty good laugh out of the bison mom's disposition as her calf decided to more or less climb up her back. She's had those days with my kids also.

This video is worth sticking around until the end as you also get a glimpse of a black bear with cubs. She doesn't look particularly amused when her kids decide to climb and sleep in the tree above her. On the other hand, that's probably easier than keeping track of them on the ground.

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