Glamour Magazine has an online series called "You Sang My Song."

For these videos, Glamour shows famous musicians' online covers of their music and films their reactions.

To add a twist, Glamour then shows the musicians the stars' reactions and shares their often emotional responses.

In a recent episode, Dolly Parton watched Wyoming's very own Ian Munsick sing "Hard Candy Christmas" and she enjoyed his cover so much she actually began to sing along with him.

In her review, Dolly compliments Ian's voice "You have a beautiful voice, you can really get up there!"

Dolly also complimented his guitar playing.

While watching the video Ian is obviously thrilled when he hears Dolly's praise.

"So, I'm feeling crazy right now..."

He then goes on to Thank Dolly, "Thank you, Dolly. You've changed the world."

When sharing about the experience on social media Ian said "Dolly harmonized with me and now my work on earth is done."

Is it just us, or are you hoping that this will lead to a real live duet between Ian and Dolly?!

The question is...what song would you pick?

I feel like the two of them could do something amazing with "Coat of Many Colors" or maybe an "Island in the Stream" duet would be the best choice.

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