What if, this year, you cooked a true cowboy Thanksgiving dinner?

I mean, what if you could do it the old fashioned chuckwagon way?

That would bring a unique flavor to the meal that nobody would ever forget.

Kent Rollins has a popular YouTube page with millions of followers.

In each episode he stands by a chuckwagon and shows how to make a meal the old cowboy way.

In the video below he shows a few tricks for making Thanksgiving dinner the cowboy way. You can do this yourself, right at home.

Besides watching the video you can follow along with his recipes on his website.

I don’t know about you, but a good melt-in-your-mouth Thanksgiving turkey just makes me want to dance. Stay tuned, ’cause I’m fixin’ to show you how to prepare a turkey that’s tender and juicy, with a crispy skin that’s just full of flavor. Y’all hang on, ’cause it’s gobble, gobble time in this cowboy’s camp.… writes Kent.

It's not just the turkey that looks good, the skin is such a delicious looking color, but it's the side dishes that he gets into that are all made in a unique western style with flavoring unique to this part of the country.

Kent likes to cook outdoors, on an open flame. He will show you how to do that.

Have you ever thought of cooking a turkey in a Dutch oven?

But there are ways to cook inside as well and use the same ingredients he does. That will still make the meal a unique experience.

On this Thanksgiving recopies from his YouTube page you'll also find individual videos for making every side dish and dessert.

Just imagine the unique flavor of those potatoes and the green been casserole made in a way that brings out the traditional flavors of The West.

Most of these dishes do not take that long to put together. It's the waiting for everything to slow cook that takes all the time.

Boy does this stuff smell good while it's cooking.

If you don't grab all of these cowboy cooking ideas, think about trying one or two of them, just to experience it.

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