This is the stuff that nightmares are made of. It's not a new video, but I just stumbled across a guy who came across a rattlesnake pit. He decided to let his GoPro get a closer look and then it ended up in the pit. NOPE.

I will confess there are people in this world that are braver than me. OK, so probably everyone is braver than me. But, Michael Delaney is definitely one of them. At the start of Michael's video, you can already hear the rattles. These snakes are ticked. At this point, I'm going the opposite direction - FAST. Not Michael. He turns the GoPro on and investigates.

It's not long before Michael's GoPro is face-to-fang with a pit of rattlesnakes. NOPE. It's interesting to me to watch the snake's reaction. Some flee, others are curious while several strike. One near the end actually knocked the GoPro off of whatever stick Michael was using and there it is in the middle of the pit. NOPE.

What does Michael do? Run like I would? NOPE. He gets what looks like a hockey stick and retrieves the GoPro.

I am proud to say I made it through the entire video, but found myself jumping every time something bumped into my ankle. Have I mentioned NOPE?!?

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