The Bald Eagle is a beloved symbol of our country.

We are blessed that in Wyoming they can frequently be seen soaring in our wide western skies.

But, it's not often we get an up-close look at this majestic creature.

The Northwoods Wildlife Center is located in Minocqua, Wisconsin, and part of their mission is to rehab and release injured Bad Eagles into the wild.

This slow-motion video of an Eagle being released into the wild is exactly what we all need right now.

Doesn't that make your heart fill with good old fashioned 'Merica pride?

Here is a look at another of their Eagles "Stu" and a bit more of an in-depth explanation of the good work they are doing at Northwoods Wildlife Center.

The Northwoods Wildlife Center is a home for many animals besides Eagles, including Owls, Otters, Fox, and even Porcupines.

They often post informational videos and updates on their animals so, if you loved these two clips make sure you check them out.

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